Instructions To Applicants

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Prices are subject to change, please see individual application for current pricing.


Please fill in all parts of the application. Incomplete applications may delay processing. Please assure that names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are legible.

You will need a course by course evaluation if you are seeking admission to an educational institution, especially if you plan to transfer credit, or if you are applying for professional registration or teacher certification. The course by course evaluation will include a grade point average (GPA). For most other purposes, a document evaluation should be sufficient. The course by course evaluation includes all the information provided in the document evaluation. The number of documents evaluated does not affect the cost of the evaluation. The document evaluation is $95 and does not include a GPA unless you specifically request it. The course by course evaluation costs $150 and includes the GPA. Additional copies of any evaluation cost $10 each at the time of the initial evaluation and will be sent to you or any other party you identify. Copies requested once the evaluation is completed are $25 each. Rush service and expedited mailing fees are additional, as shown. Most document evaluations are completed within ten business days. Most course by course evaluations are completed within fifteen business days. If you send original documents by mail and want them returned, please check “Return Documents.” AZICE will send your evaluation with the original documents via priority mail for a $25.00 fee.

AZICE needs to know your educational history, but you do not need to submit any documents other than those for which you need evaluation. Please list all schools attended with dates of attendance and the names of the diplomas you earned. An incomplete educational history may delay processing. Documents submitted for evaluation must be copies of original native language documents with English translations. The translation should be literal, word for word, showing the names of the subjects studied and the grades awarded. If you are unable to provide a translation, please check “Translation to conduct the evaluation ($100)”

AZICE reserves the right to verify all documents submitted for evaluation with the issuing authorities. In such cases, there may be a delay in timely processing of an evaluation. AZICE will refund any rush fees if we elect to verify documents, but will not refund the evaluation fee. If the AZICE verification determines that documents are altered, forged or otherwise falsified, the application will be cancelled without refund and any intended recipients of the evaluation will be advised.

AZICE evaluations are advisory and not binding on any agency or institution. AZICE guarantees that we employ only seasoned evaluators who use the latest available international education research in making our recommendations for educational equivalency.

Refunds of rush fees will be granted for late delivery on rush applications. No other refunds will be considered or granted.

We appreciate your business. Please call with any questions:

602-773-1316 or email us at [email protected]